While living in the US, Amber initiated the first incarnation of her cello duo project at that time named Cellobrations. Upon moving to Toronto she renewed the project and introduced several new features to appeal to a wider audience: electric cellos playing to backing tracks of retro synth pop, rock and top40, LED lights on the instruments and harnesses to allow the inclusion of movement and choreography. This project has drawn the attention of clients such as Rogers, Lamborghini, Coca-Cola, was featured in Toronto Special Events magazine, as well as TEDx, for whom the duo performed at the Toronto Center for the Performing Arts in 2018. Me and Her Cellos currently performs as a special act for She Plays Inc.


In Spring of 2019 Amber was invited to collaborate with slow fashion designer Cassandra Elizabeth to accompany her models walk the runway of Fashion Art Toronto. Amber collaborated with Cassandra and her yogis to create a unique and evocative soundtrack for the show.


During the winter of 2018 Amber embarked on a European tour with Seattle based artist SYML. Over the course of two weeks she and her string colleague Maya Killtron accompanied SYML in live performances for sold out halls in 6 countries and over 12 cities including appearances on television and recordings for radio.


As a free lance cellist Amber loves collaborating with a great variety of artists. Sometimes projects have an extra special je ne sais quoi that really makes the job a vocation. Working with Killtron (singer, violinist and dj) in various contexts is one such example where Amber finds herself in a community of like minded artists inspired to continue along the creative path. Here is an example of Killltron’s arrangements of pop songs for string quintet. This group has given multiple performances at Toronto venues The Armoury and The Burdock.


In 2015 Amber joined Toronto’s Thin Edge New Music Collective and Montreal based Ensemble Paramirabo to tour a challenging new music program nationwide. The show included new works by Brian Harman, Anna Hostman, Patrick Giguere, and canonic contemporary works by Steve Reich and Louis Andriessen. The following year the two groups reunited to record the full album at the Glenn Gould Studio with producer David Jaeger.


Introduced to the band by their guitar player Steve Andrews, Amber has been recording and performing with In The City since 2015. The songwriting duo Ashley and Timon demonstrate an unfailing commitment to their work and Amber is proud to be their ‘first call’ cellist. Their music can be heard on CBC’s Heartland, Kim’s Convenience, Workin’ Moms and CTV’s Saving Hope.


By Don Denaburg.

Performed by Sheila Carabine, Dave Matheson and Amber Walton-Amar for Jake's Jam at the CAA Theatre in Toronto, 2019.


Tyler Shaw covers Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird" for CBC Music's Junos 365 Sessions.